Farm Handcrafts

Over generations handcrafts have been playing an important role on South Tyrol’s farms.

With great love and dedication the farmers practised the arts of carving, woodturning, felting and weaving. Especially during wintertime they used to spend many hours in their workshops and farm parlours.

This tradition slowly fell into oblivion. That is why the “Red Rooster” started to search for those farmers, who are still today actively engaged in handwork on the farm.

  1. Wood Art

    Wood Art

    The material wood has a thousands of years old tradition.
  2. Wool Art

    Wool Art

    The sheep on South Tyrol’s farms supply the basic material for handmade woolen products.
  3. Artistic Eggs

    Artistic Eggs

    Decorating eggs has already a long tradition.
  4. Hay Art

    Hay Art

    Making hay has a centuries-long tradition in South Tyrol.