Oltradige cycle track: Bolzano - Appiano - Caldaro

This cycle track connects the city of Bolzano to the wine-growing area between Appiano, Caldaro and Lake Caldaro.

From Bolzano this cycle track stretches along the Isarco river towards south, up to the fork “Merano - Appiano“. From this point the cycle route continues towards north for some km, afterwards it traverses a bridge. Here, right underneath Castel Firmiano, the track starts rising a little: this is where once upon a time the Oltradige train used to operate. The cycle path traverses the wine-growing area between Cornaiano and Frangarto, crosses several galleries and finally comes to reach S. Michele.

From the former S. Michele/Appiano station, we proceed towards south, up to the fork “Kreuzweg“ the trail snakes parallel to the road. This is where the routes split: if you would like to cycle to Lake Caldaro, follow the track to ora (Radroute nach Auer). If you would like to visit the village of Caldaro, follow the signposts “Überetscher Spazierweg”. The route to Lake Caldaro is not really a cycle track, as on this trail inhabitants and farmers are allowed to drive with their tractor and vehicles, so be cautious. However, the trail to Caldaro is also a walking route, so please respect pedestrians and walkers.

Name of the track:: Oltradige cycle track (Radweg Überetsch)
Start: Bolzano (245 m)
End: Casldaro (420 m), Lake Caldaro (245 m)
Length: about 17 / 21 km (from the centre of Bolzano)
Estimated cycling time: about 1.25 hrs
Drop in altitude: about 200 m (up and down)
Characteristics: asphalted track, in part also farm lanes/byroads, galleries (illuminated, no motorized traffic)
Train & bicycles: regional trains with limited bicycle transportation stop in: Bolzano, Ponte d’Adige, Ora (4 km from Lake Caldaro)
Connection to further cycle tracks in the cycling trail network of South Tyrol:
1. At Bolzano: Valle Isarco cycle track to Chiusa/Bressanone
2. At Bolzano Sud: Bassa Atesina cycle track to Salorno/Trento
3. At Bolzano Sud: Val d’Adige cycle track to Merano
4. At Lake Caldaro: towards the station of Ora (about 4 km) towards Bassa Atesina

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