Round tour Frassinetto Montoppio

The larch meadows at the Salto is particularly fascinating on sunny autumn days.

Frassinetto, this is how the little village near Meltina, at the road to Terlano, is called, which today is the starting point for our round tour. The meadows at the Tschaufen, where we go first, are our intermediate destination, and are located along the path no. 2 further south. First the trail is rather easy, then it becomes more rough across the dense forest.The way down we follow the path no. 8 to Montoppio/Nobls. A wide forested trail, afterwards a forested path (no. 8A) takes us to a group of farmsteads and to the ensemble round the S. Valentino church.

Again the characteristics of the trail change, as the path no. 10, which we continue walking up to the Wieser tavern, stretches along an asphalted road. The view we enjoy ranges across the golden larch meadows of the Salto up to the Dolomites. And the larch trees also line the path to the Gschnoferstall, a highly frequented mountain hut further north. From this place we only need to follow the path no. 12, taking us to back to the starting point of our round tour.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions in advance.

Starting point: village of Frassinetto near Meltina
Route: Frassinetto - Tschaufen - Montoppio - Wieser - Gschnoferstall - Frassinetto.
Signpost: 2, 8, 8A, 10, 12
Walking time: about 3 hours and 20 minutes
Altitude difference: about 545 m
Experienced: end of October 2011
Further information: tourist office San Genesio, tel. +39 0471 354196

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  1. Hotel Gschwangut:

    Lana - Lana di Mezzo
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