Walk round Lake Vernago

In the beautiful Val Senales, we discover Lake Vernago, an artificial lake of 100 hectares.

The little village of Vernago al Lago is located at 1,700 m asl. After having reached the village, we proceed about 3 km along the emerald green lake towards Maso Corto. Shortly after the end of the lake, there is a little path branching off from the main road on the left, where we park our car. After a few steps only, we see the signpost “Seerundweg” and follow the indication. We keep walking close to the lakeside, past waterfalls and llamas on the fields and enjoy the great view of the lake and the mountains of the Val Senales. The path can easily be walked.

The artificial lake has already been established in the 1950s, when a 65 m high dam was constructed. It is fed by the Senales river, which we also see during our walk. After a walk of about 2 hours (according to the signs about 100 minutes), we reach our starting point again. Strengthened by a picnic and enriched by the impressions of the Val Senales landscape, we start our journey back home.

If you don’t have enough, you can also do a mountain tour. In about 3.5 hours from the lake, you reach the Similaun mountain hut at 3,019 m asl, and from this place you can proceed to the place of discovery of Oetzi near the Passo di Tisa (Hauslabjoch) at 3,200 m asl.

Please note: still today you can see the ancient church soaring from the lake, when the water level is low. When Lake Vernago was established, also eight farmsteads were flooded!

Author: DG

Important: before you would like to do this tour, inform yourselves about the current conditions!

Starting point: Vernago al Lago
Path: round Lake Vernago
Signpost: “Seerundweg”
Walking time: approx. 2 hours
Experienced in: mid August 2009
Family-friendly? Yes, the path is easily walkable, but not suitable for prams.
Further information: tourist office Val Senales, phone: +39 0473 679148

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