Ultimo Alsago

The two hamlets Ultimo and Alsago are located at the Eastern border of the Piana di Malles pasture and are mainly agricultural.

Two hamlets, one village. The settlements of Ultimo and Alsago on the Piani di Malles both belong to the municipality of Malles. Both settlements together have got about 50 inhabitants. Like many other villages belonging to Malles, also Ultimo-Alsago are independently administered. Their roots go back to the period of settlement of this area.

The smaller village Ultimo is located at the entrance of the Valle di Planol at 1,450 m asl, while Alsago is situated at 1,630 m asl. In Ultimo, there is the S. Giuseppe chapel, in Alsago you can admire the Santa Maria Neve d’Alsago church to be admired.

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