Monte Roen

The Monte Roen (2,116 m) is the highest peak of the Alps in Val di Non.

Locals from Caldaro and Termeno call it the “Roen”… The Roen is also very popular with those who love hiking, as everyone who wants to can reach the top of the mountain. From the Passo Mendola the Roen can be reached within a 2 ¾ hours’ walk, whereas you might descent in about 2 hours.

The hike across the forest and mountain pines is of medium difficulty and the view from the top of the mountain compensates the efforts. During a hike on the top of this mountain you have got several possibilities to stop for a bite to eat or have a drink. Even in winter a hike on this mountain is a pleasant experience.

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    Hiking in the Dolomites

    Hiking in the Dolomites

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