Merano & surroundings

Mediterranean atmosphere and a genuine Alpine landscape as well as a varied cultural offer characterise the charming area of Merano and surroundings.

The surroundings or Merano are highly diversified. Its mild climate make palm trees, cypresses, grapevines and olive trees flourish, surrounded by a rather alpine landscape with rough mountain peaks, mixed forests and edelweiss.

Also the city itself multifaceted, standing out due to its wide range of offers regarding theatre, movies, music and exhibitions the whole year round. For those who love sports, there are competitions in the hippodrome of Maia Bassa, the thermal baths and of course the skiing area Merano 2000.

By the way: Avelengo near Merano is the home of the Haflinger horses, the famous blond horse breed.

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  1. Merano

    Situated in a valley basin at the entrance of the Val Passiria, the Val Venosta and…
  2. Lagundo

    The municipality of Lagundo, situated only a little distance from Merano, stretches…
  3. Postal

    Postal was first mentioned in the 13th century together with the homonymous castle,…
  4. Gargazzone

    Gargazzone is a charming village at 276 m asl, located between Bolzano and Merano.
  5. Avelengo

    On the high-plateau above the valley basin of Merano, there is the municipality of…
  6. Lana

    Located only a stone’s throw from Merano, the municipality of Lana welcomes you…
  7. Marlengo

    Only a 30-minutes’ walk from the spa town of Merano, there is the village of…
  8. Nalles

    Nalles is the southernmost municipality of Merano & surroundings and is located…
  9. Naturno

    In Naturno, a sun-drenched municipality at the entrance to the Val Venosta, you can…
  10. Parcines

    Dominated by the impressive scenery of the Gruppo di Tessa mountains, there is…
  11. Plaus

    In the valley bottom of the Val d’Adige, about 10 km from Merano, there is the…
  12. Scena

    Flanked by the Monta Ivigna and Cervina mountains, the sun-drenched village of…
  13. Tirolo

    The municipality of Tirolo is located only 6 km from Merano, on a sun-drenched…
  14. Tesimo Prissiano

    The municipality of Tesimo-Prissiano, high above the Val d’Adige, offers a series…
  15. Cermes

    In the heart of flourishing fruit orchards, there is the little village of Cermes,…
  16. Verano

    The municipality of Verano is located at the Monzoccolo, the low mountain ridge…

Merano & surroundings: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Schwarzschmied: Schwarzschmied tasting days II

    Schwarzschmied tasting days II

    Schwarzschmied tasting days II

    Lana - Lana di Sopra
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