Sopranes Lakes

The Sopranes Lakes in the heart of the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park form the largest high alpine lake district in South Tyrol.

The Sopranes Lakes are considered the most beautiful mountain lakes of South Tyrol. Due to their elevated location, still in summer there can be snow at the lakesides. The 10 lakes provide the city of Merano and surroundings with water. Moreover several hiking trails lead by the Sopranes Lakes and offers hikers a great scenery. In general the area is a really fascinating place, not only due to its special flora and fauna.

The first lakes, which can be reached when hiking about 3 hours from the Leiteralm mountain pasture above Lagundo at Merano and surroundings, are the two Milk Lakes (2,540 m asl). The Long Lake (2,377 m asl) however, is one of the largest of the lakes and features a lenght of 1 km and a with of 300 m.

The Sopranes Lakes also include the Green Lake (2,338 m asl), the Black Lake (2,589 m asl), the Slate Lake (2,501 m asl), the Kettle Lake (2,512 m asl), the Kaser Pond (2,117 m asl), the Pfitscher Pond (2,126 m asl) and the small Midge Lake. In the waters there are e.g. chars.

Altitude: 2,100 - 2,589 m asl
Surface: 30 hectares (in total)
Category: high alpine mountain lakes

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