Lake San Valentino alla Muta

Near San Valentino alla Muta in the Val Venosta, not far from the Passo Resia and Lake Resia, another beautiful lake can be found.

Below the Resia mountain pass, in the municipality of Curon Venosta, another well-known lake is located, the Lake San Valentino alla Muta. Main tributaries are the Rio Serres and the Adige river, drained from the neighbouring Lake Resia, a reservoir well-known for its church steeple which rises from the water.

Located at 1,450 m asl, Lake San Valentino alla Muta (Haidersee, in German) is not really suited for swimming but a nice excursion destination all year round. A beautiful hiking and Nordic Walking route proceeds around the lake, always with view on the majestic “King Ortles” and the other partly glaciated mountains of the Ortles Alps. Also among bikers the lake is very popular, as well as sailers and kitesurfers like it. Boating is allowed here, but only with electromotor. In winter - the lake normally freezes up quite early - Lake San Valentino alla Muta and Lake Resia are attractions for iceboat runners and snowkiters.

The hike around the lake (about 2 hours walking time) starts already in Malles Venosta and proceeds to the lake biotope with ducks and coots. Then the route runs along the asphalted cycle path further towards Resia and through a forest area to the village of San Valentino alla Muta. Here the signposts “Uferweg” (Shore Path) mark the way back towards Malles, this time on the left side of the lake.

Altitude: 1,450 m asl
Surface: 89 hectares
Depth: max. 15 m
Category: biotope

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