Lake Resia

Presumably the most famous steeple of South Tyrol projects from Lake Resia in the western part of South Tyrol.

Lake Resia is the biggest lake of South Tyrol and an artificial reservoir, located at Curon Venosta in Val Venosta near Passo di Resia. Its striking landmark - a steeple towering from the lake - does not only individuate this lake, but is in fact symbol of the entire valley and known beyond borders. Directly at the lakeshore there are the villages of Curon Venosta and Resia as well as the hamlets of Casone and Spin.

Up to the year 1950, there were three lakes in this area: Lake Resia, Lake Curon and Lake San Valentino alla Muta. When the reservoir was dammed after the construction of the dam wall (1947-1949), the locality of Curon Venosta as well as much of Resia were flooded and destroyed. The only remnant of old Curon is the steeple, which still towers out of the waters and is nowadays a historical landmark. There are several narrations and legends around this historical happening and the steeple. It is said that sometimes you can hear the bells ring from the depths of the lake!

In the waters of Lake Resia, various fish species like vendaces, brown trouts, perch, pikes and rainbow trouts splash around. At the lakeshore, people enjoy walking, Nordic Walking, jogging and cycling. The deep blue Lake Resia, however, is also a mekka for kitesurfers, as this place features the right wind conditions. Due to the same reason, in winter it offers ideal conditions for ice sailers and ice surfers. At the west end of the lake, there is the valley station of the Belpiano skiing area.

Altitude: 1,498 m asl
Surface: 660 hectares
Depth: max. 28 m
Category: reservoir

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