Lakes in South Tyrol

Crystal-clear mountain lakes, refreshing bathing lakes and several artificial lakes - the variety in South Tyrol is huge.

The lakes are a perfect outdoor gym for sports enthusiasts: swimming, sailing, surfing, standup paddleboarding and ice skating in winter are only some of the possibilities. Those who seek relaxation can, however, enjoy a pleasant walk round one of the lakes. Lakes such as Lake Braies, Lake Anterselva and Lake Caldaro are known far beyond borders…

  1. Lake Anterselva

    Lake Anterselva

    Lake Anterselva, South Tyrol’s third largest lake, is situated in the Valle…
  2. Lake Valdurna

    Lake Valdurna

    In a side valley of the Val Sarentino, amidst the Sarentino Alps, the idyllic Lago…
  3. Lake Landro

    Lake Landro

    Lake Landro, a beautiful mountain lake, is part of the Three Peaks Nature Park and…
  4. Lake Tret

    Lake Tret

    Lake Santa Maria or Lake Tret, a protected natural landmark, is located in the…
  5. Lake Favogna

    Lake Favogna

    The area of Favogna boasts a similar flora and fauna as Lake Garda, due to the warm…
  6. Lake San Valentino alla Muta

    Lake San Valentino alla Muta

    Near San Valentino alla Muta in the Val Venosta, not far from the Passo Resia and…
  7. Issengo Pond

    Issengo Pond

    The marsh lake and bathing lake of Issengo is a natural treasure at the Val…
  8. Lake Caldaro

    Lake Caldaro

    Lake Caldaro along the South Tyrolean Wine Route, famous beyond borders, is the…
  9. Lake Carezza

    Lake Carezza

    In the western Dolomites there is a small lake, which is known as “Rainbow Lake”…
  10. Lake Chiusetta

    Lake Chiusetta

    Lake Chiusetta, a little mountain lake and popular hiking destination, is…
  11. Monticolo Lakes

    Monticolo Lakes

    The Monticolo Lakes are embedded in a vast mixed forest and pinewood near Appiano,…
  12. Lake Neves

    Lake Neves

    The Neves Reservoir in the Valli di Tures and Aurina valleys is an ideal starting…
  13. Lake Braies

    Lake Braies

    Lake Braies, known as the “Pearl among Dolomite lakes”, is located in a unique…
  14. Lake Resia

    Lake Resia

    Presumably the most famous church tower of South Tyrol projects from Lake Resia in…
  15. Sopranes Lakes

    Sopranes Lakes

    The Sopranes Lakes in the heart of the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park form the largest…
  16. Lake Dobbiaco

    Lake Dobbiaco

    Lake Dobbiaco in the upper Val Pusteria valley is situated in between the Three…
  17. Lake Varna

    Lake Varna

    A little bathing lake with biotope near Bressanone in the Valle Isarco valley…
  18. Lake Vernago

    Lake Vernago

    In the Val Senales valley, where Oetzi, the Ice Man, was discovered on the glacier,…
  19. Fiè Pond

    Fiè Pond

    The small Fiè Pond near the Siusi Alp is a popular bathing lake and valuable biotope.
  20. Lake Fontana Bianca

    Lake Fontana Bianca

    In the rear Val d’Ultimo valley, one of six reservoirs of the valley is located,…
  21. Lake Costalovara

    Lake Costalovara

    Lake Costalovara, one of the cleanest freshwater lakes in Italy, can be found on…
  22. Lake Zoccolo

    Lake Zoccolo

    Between the villages of Santa Valburga and Pracupola in the Val d’Ultimo valley…
  23. Lake Gioveretto

    Lake Gioveretto

    Lake Gioveretto in the Val Martello valley is located in the Stelvio National Park…

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  20. Hotel Ciasa Soleil

    Hotel Ciasa Soleil

  21. Hotel Sonnalp

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