Lake Tret

Lake Santa Maria or Lake Tret, a protected natural landmark, is located in the Alta Val di Non near the Passo delle Palade.

Not far from the 1,518 m high Passo delle Palade, the connection of the Val d’Adige and the Alta Val di Non, the a bit higher located Lake Tret or Lake Santa Maria (Felixer Weiher, in German) is located. The lake is a natural bathing lake but also a protected biotope and popular hiking destination in summer.

At the Klammeben parking space, near the village of San Felice a nice walking tour starts, which proceeds through the forest and across larch meadows to Lake Tret (about 1 hour). Besides this path there are also some other routes which proceed up to the lake. A bit above Lake Tret there is also a restaurant.

As already mentioned, Lake Tret is also a biotope with very good water quality - fish, dragonflies and water plants have their home here. Information boards tell about the flora and fauna of the area. With its little island and the surrounding nature, Lake Tret is among the most beautiful forest lakes of South Tyrol.

Altitude: 1,604 m asl
Surface: 3.84 hectares
Depth: max. 3 m
Category: mountain lake, bathing lake, biotope

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