Lake Favogna

Favogna boasts a similar flora and fauna as Lake Garda, due to the warm air current coming from south.

Lake Favogna is located at 1,034 m asl in a low ground at the beginning of the Favogna high plateau in the south of South Tyrol. The locality of Favogna belongs to the municipality of Magrè. The lake does not only represent a biotope, but is also a well-liked hiking destination and lake for bathing in summertime.

Since 1977 Lake Favogna has been under natural protection due to its richness and diverstiy in flora and fauna. At the lakeside there is a large number of plants that have adapted to this rather moist habitat. More than 35 types of orchids, the narrow-leaved cotton grass, the Ragged-Robin, the crayfish and other rare and threatened animal and plant species have their habitat in the biotope round Lake Favogna, a protected area of about 10 hectares.

The only 4 m deep lake invites in summer to have a refreshing bath. The lawn at the lakeside offers some shadow under the trees. Reeds and wet meadows, the romantic Saint Leonhard church located on a nearby hill as well as the striking, 1,873 m high Cima Roccapiana convey a particular atmosphere to this oasis.

Altitude: 1,034 m asl
Surface: 1.3 hectares
Depth: max. 4 m
Category: mountain lake, lake for bathing, biotope

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