Favogna on the southern extremity of South Tyrol is a spot of recreation and offers a biotope.

The locality of Favogna, composed of Favogna di Sopra and Favogna di Sotto, belongs to the municipality of Magrè and is made of only a few buildings, farms and a church. This village located at the southern extremity of South Tyrol is a popular place in summer months. When in the valley temperatures rise above 30 degrees, at Favogna, located at 1,000 m asl, you can expect some degrees less. Originally Favogna di Sotto was a summer holiday resort for the inhabitants of Magrè, Cortaccia and Cortina all’Adige.

Round Lake Favogna, which is very popular for bathing and a biotope, numerous animal and plant species have their natural habitat. Various hiking trails take you across the intact nature, most of them can also be walked with prams. Furthermore, at 1,034 m asl, there is the highest-located Müller-Thurgau vineyard. The rough rock faces of the mountain during the day accumulate the warmth of the sunrays and release them in the night. So you absolutely have to taste a glass of “Feldmarschall von Fenner zu Fennberg”.

A peculiarity: round the churchyard of the Romanesque St Leonhard church dating back to the 13th century, there is an iron chain. According to a legend, every seven years this chain elongates for one link. When the chain will rechuck the church three times, there will be the end of the world…

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