Nature and landscape

Experience the beauty of nature in South Tyrol, on the southern slope of the Alp’s main ridge.

South Tyrol is characterised by a beautiful natural landscape.

Here you will learn more about flora and fauna, the most famous mountain peaks as well as natural monuments and the variety of lakes in this country.

  1. Mountains in South Tyrol

    Mountains in South Tyrol

    Mountain peaks and mountain ranges in South Tyrol attract a large number of people…
  2. Nature parks

    Nature parks

    There are eight nature parks in South Tyrol - a ninth one, the Sarentino Alps…
  3. Natural monuments

    Natural monuments

    Amazing natural scenarios will impress you in South Tyrol, from the bizarre Earth…
  4. Alpine pastures and plateaus

    Alpine pastures and plateaus

    Charming sceneries, oases of calm and alpine pastures as far as the eye can see…
  5. Lakes in South Tyrol

    Lakes in South Tyrol

    Crystal-clear mountain lakes, refreshing bathing lakes and several artificial lakes…
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