erdpyramide oberwielenbach percha
erdpyramide oberwielenbach percha

Natural monuments

Amazing natural scenarios will impress you in South Tyrol, from the bizarre Earth Pyramids to the famous ”Enrosadira”.

In South Tyrol there are numerous natural monuments which cast a spell over their visitors. Earth Pyramids, ice holes, waterfalls and gorges - amazing natural must-sees! Widely-known is the natural phenomenon of the “Enrosadira” when at dusk the rocks of Mt. Catinaccio - the enchanted rose garden of King Laurin - shine for a short time in wonderful red colours.

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  1. Apple blossom
    apfelbluete person spaziergang

    Apple blossom

    Usually in the month of April, South Tyrol’s apple meadows turn into a sea of white…
  2. Nature cinema “Knottnkino”
    RS Knottnkino Voeran

    Nature cinema "Knottnkino"

    The “Knottnkino”, literally “cinema on the rock”, between Verano and Avelegno in…
  3. Barbiano Waterfalls
    RS oberer barbianer wasserfall schild information

    Barbiano Waterfalls

    Above the village of Barbiano in the Valle Isarco valley, the Rio Gander flows,…
  4. Aurino Floodplain Forest Biotope
    RS biotop ahrauen

    Aurino Floodplain Forest Biotope

    Near Brunico in the Val Pusteria valley, there is one of the most intact and…
  5. Burkhard Gorge in Ridanna
    maiern talabschluss

    Burkhard Gorge in Ridanna

    coming soon
  6. Ice Holes near Appiano
    RS eisloecher eppan sommer

    Ice Holes near Appiano

    The so-called Ice Holes are located in a 200 metres long and 10 - 50 metres wide…
  7. Enrosadira
    Rosengarten Latemar Enrosadira


    The Dolomite Glow, called “Enrosadira” in Ladin, bathes the mountains in an…
  8. Earth Pyramids of Tirolo village and Caines
    Schloss Tirol Museum Erdpyramiden Dorf Tirol

    Earth Pyramids of Tirolo village and Caines

    coming soon
  9. Earth Pyramids of San Genesio and Meltina
    erdpyramiden bei jenesien

    Earth Pyramids of San Genesio and Meltina

    coming soon
  10. Earth Pyramids of the Val Pusteria
    erdpyramide oberwielenbach percha

    Earth Pyramids of the Val Pusteria

    There are also earth pyramids in the Val Pusteria valley: in Plata near Vila di…
  11. Earth Pyramids of the Renon and Collepietra
    erdpyramiden ritten

    Earth Pyramids of the Renon and Collepietra

    Particularly worth noticing are the Earth Pyramids of the Renon, the highest and…
  12. Source of the Adige river
    Weg Etschquelle Rundweg

    Source of the Adige river

    coming soon
  13. Spring Valley

    Spring Valley

    Between Caldaro and Appiano a varied path leads you across an area which enchants…
  14. Gaul Canyon in Lana
    gaulschlucht falschauer bruecke

    Gaul Canyon in Lana

    The Gaul Canyon in Lana in the Merano region is a protected area and popular…
  15. GEOPARC Rio delle Foglie
    RS Bletterbachschlucht person

    GEOPARC Rio delle Foglie

    The Rio delle Foglie Gorge near Aldino and Redagno is known as the “Grand Canyon of…
  16. Stanghe Gorge near Vipiteno
    RS C gilfenklamm

    Stanghe Gorge near Vipiteno

    The Stanghe or Gilfenklamm Gorge is a unique natural highlight only a stone’s throw…
  17. Vallelunga Glacier World
    RS weisskugel und langtauferer spitze

    Vallelunga Glacier World

    The impressive glaciers of the Vallelunga valley in the Val Venosta can be…
  18. Glacial Mills of Plata
    gletschermuehlen von platt

    Glacial Mills of Plata

    In the Val Passiria valley, there are some depressions in the ground that have been…
  19. Witches’ Benches on Mt. Bullaccia
    puflatsch hexenbaenke

    Witches' Benches on Mt. Bullaccia

    coming soon
  20. Giant sequoia trees in Fennhals
    fennberg mammutbaeume groessenvergleich

    Giant sequoia trees in Fennhals

    coming soon
  21. Parcines Waterfall
    partschinser wasserfall

    Parcines Waterfall

    With a waterfall drop of almost 100 metres, the Parcines Waterfall is one of the…
  22. Passirio Gorge
    RS passer schluchten weg

    Passirio Gorge

    The path through the impressive Passirio Canyon proceeds from San Leonardo in…
  23. Rastenbach Gorge in Caldaro

    Rastenbach Gorge in Caldaro

    This wild romantic biotope with waterfalls and typical vegetation of a gorge is a…
  24. Riva Waterfalls
    RS C Sand in Taufers Umgebung Reiner Wasserfaelle Winter

    Riva Waterfalls

    The three waterfalls at Riva di Tures, a natural spectacle near Campo Tures, are a…
  25. Gorges of San Felice
    st felix koflertal schlucht

    Gorges of San Felice

    Several deep gorges run through the Upper Val di Non valley, including the one of…
  26. “Stone Men” - cairns
    Stoanerne Mandln P

    "Stone Men" - cairns

    The “little stone men”, to be found for example on Mt. Schöneck in the Sarentino…
  27. Ancient larch trees in the Val d’Ultimo valley
    RS Ultner Hoefeweg Urlaerchen

    Ancient larch trees in the Val d'Ultimo valley

    The ancient larches in the rear Val d’Ultimo valley near the “lahnersäge” visitor…
  28. Versoaln vine
    castel katzenzungen versoaln rebe

    Versoaln vine

    coming soon
  29. Monte Sole in Val Venosta
    sonnenberg herbst bei unterkaser oberkaser hof fr

    Monte Sole in Val Venosta

    coming soon
  30. Hot air springs near Caldaro
    leuchtenburg rosszaehne kaltern kalterersee warmloecher warmluftquellen

    Hot air springs near Caldaro

    coming soon
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