Stoanerne Mandln P
Stoanerne Mandln P

“Stone Men” - Cairns

The “little stone men”, to be found for example on Mt. Schöneck in the Sarentino Valley, lead you back to the time of legends and myths.

They are widely known in South Tyrol: We are talking about the "Stoanernen Mandln", as they are called in dialect, piles of stones that can be seen on various peaks and alpine pastures. The most famous are those from the 2,003 m high Mt. Schöneck in the Val Sarentino valley, where the view stretches across the high plateau and catches sight of numerous such small piles of stones.

There are more on Mt. Monzoccolo and on the Giogo di San Genesio ridge at 1,664 m a.s.l. But what is it all about? A legend tells that an enraged witch turned farmers who tried to banish her with a large cross into stone men. In fact, no less than 100 piles can be counted here, and every year they become more and more. However, court records from 1540 show that people danced and celebrated between the cairns.

This was interpreted as witch dances and devil celebrations. Other stories tell of Celts who created the cairns and built a cult site here thousands of years ago. Perhaps, as in other places, it was also hikers or shepherds who placed the stone slabs on top of each other as a sign to return here or simply to pass the time. What is certain, however, is that this cult site in the Sarentino Alps is something special that is well worth a visit. The view after the 3.5-hour ascent is unique!

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