Spring Valley

Between Caldaro and Appiano a varied path leads you across an area which enchants due to a blooming ocean of flowers.

Between Lake Caldaro and the Big Lake of Monticolo at Appiano, there is a path leading you across a valley which in early spring, that’s to say in late February or early March, enchants thanks to a blooming ocean of flowers - the Spring Valley - “Frühlingstal” in German, “Valle della Primavera” in Italian. The Spring Valley is located in a swampy hollow in a climatically beneficial location.

For this reason already in early spring the warm air makes the flowers flourish. The sea of flowers around the small brook and the path leading through this area includes spring snowflakes, crocuses and liverworts - they transform the entire valley into a colourful area.

For the variety of colours, spring is the best season to explore the valley, starting from Lake Caldaro to Lake Monticolo, or vice versa. By the way: as this area is protected, picking flowers is strictly forbidden! Also in summer and autumn, however, the Spring Valley attracts numerous hikers and lovers of nature, as also in these seasons this valley exerts a pull.

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