Vallelunga Glacier World

The impressive glacier world in the Vallelunga in the Val Venosta, can be experienced along a Glacier Education Path.

In the Vallelunga, a side valley of the Val Venosta in the west of South Tyrol, glaciers seem to be within reach. The gorgeous alpine world includes important gigantic glaciers like the Vedretta di Vallelunga.

Located on the north side of the Palla Bianca (3,738 m asl), the glacier is the highest one of the Oetztal Alps on South Tyrolean territory. Unfortunately also this glacier already has forfeited a big part of its surface. In 1997 still 4.24 sqkm were measured, almost 10 years later the glacier had a surface of only 3.93 sqkm. Until into the 21st century, ice from the neighbouring Austrian Gepatschferner glacier flowed to the Vedretta di Vallelunga glacier, today this connection does not exist anymore.

On the way from the Melago alpine pasture to the Pio XI mountain hut (2,544 m asl), an interesting theme path was arranged in 2007: the Vallelunga Glacier Education Path (Gletscherlehrpfad Langtaufers, in German) tells about the development of landforms by glaciers and meltwater. Also the decrease of the glaciers of course is topic. Information boards show the differences of the size of the glacier. Really impressing! The entire circular path is 12 km long and takes about 4.5 hours.

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