Tradition and culture

Numerous valleys in South Tyrol succeeded in preserving their characteristics, customs and traditions, which are often still in use.

Customs and traditions are of utmost importance in South Tyrol. Various museums, cultural highlights and events characterise the course of the year in South Tyrol and make your holidays even more varied. Come and join our cultural journey across South Tyrol!

  1. Sagas and Legends

    Sagas and Legends

    Do you know the legend of King Laurin, whose stony rose garden glows in the dusk?
  2. Farm Handcrafts

    Farm Handcrafts

    Over generations handcrafts have been playing an important role on South Tyrol’s farms.
  3. Ladin language and culture

    Ladin language and culture

    The Ladin language is a Rhaeto-Romance language, which today is still spoken by…
  4. Schellenrennen


    Above all at the beginning of December (St. Nicholas), after New Year’s Day and in…
  5. Peasant wedding in Castelrotto

    Peasant wedding in Castelrotto

    The traditional peasant wedding is held yearly in January in Castelrotto.
  6. Proder Maschger Carnival

    Proder Maschger Carnival

    The “Maschger” of Prato allo Stelvio are let out at the craziest time of the year.
  7. “Egetmann” Carnival Parade in Termeno

    "Egetmann" Carnival Parade in Termeno

    Every odd year, the traditional Egetmann Carnival Parade, one of the craziest…
  8. Scheibenschlagen


    In the Val Venosta valley the “Scheibenschlagen” is still celebrated - this former…
  9. Sacred Heart Fires

    Sacred Heart Fires

    “Herz-Jesu-Feuer” is the German name for the Sacred Heart Fires, taking place in June.
  10. Witches’ dance at the Passo delle Erbe

    Witches' dance at the Passo delle Erbe

    In mid July whitches dance in Alta Badia at the Passo delle Erbe (2,003 m asl).
  11. Krapfenbetteln


    In Fundres in the Val Pusteria valley the ancient traditions are important. One of…
  12. Christmas customs

    Christmas customs

    Advent wreaths and Christmas tree balls - it’s time for Christmas in South Tyrol.
  13. Woodcarving


    The tradition of woodcarving in the Val Gardena is many centuries old.
  14. Quill embroidery

    Quill embroidery

    In the Val Sarentino valley the centuries-old handicraft of quill embroidery with…
  15. Andreas Hofer

    Andreas Hofer

    In the Val Passiria valley, the memorial and museum of the Tyrolean freedom fighter…
  16. Max Valier

    Max Valier

    The pioneer of space travel was born in South Tyrol and gives its name to the only…
  17. Oswald von Wolkenstein

    Oswald von Wolkenstein

    Thanks to his autobiografical works, the life of Oswald von Wolkenstein is well…
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