RS Traubenfest meran saltner ed P
RS Traubenfest meran saltner ed P

Tradition and culture

Numerous valleys in South Tyrol succeeded in preserving their characteristics, customs and traditions, which are often still in use.

Stories and legends in South Tyrol have been passed down from generation to generation, old customs and traditions around carnival and the Advent period, with its Krampus runs, are still in use. On the second Sunday of June, however, the Sacred Heart Fires are lit on the slopes of the mountains. Their origin dates back to a vow given in the 19th century…

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  1. Sagas and legends
    RS weg und efw jenesien laerchenwiesen herbst sagenweg

    Sagas and legends

    Numerous stories and ancient legends have been circulated in the villages and…
  2. Traditional Costumes in South Tyrol
    RS Trachten

    Traditional Costumes in South Tyrol

    Every valley and region in South Tyrol can be recognised by the different colours…
  3. Rural handicrafts
    Baeuerliches Handwerk Bild

    Rural handicrafts

    Over generations handicrafts such as carving, woodturning, felting and weaving have…
  4. Quill embroidery

    Quill embroidery

    In the Val Sarentino valley the centuries-old handicraft of quill embroidery with…
  5. Woodcarving
    holzschnitzer jesus tvaltabadia


    The tradition of woodcarving in the Val Gardena valley, practised above all during…
  6. Goaslschnöllen - Whip cracking

    Goaslschnöllen - Whip cracking

    During whip cracking performances it has been cracking for generations all over…
  7. Egetmann Parade in Termeno
    egetmannumzug hochzeitskutsche

    Egetmann Parade in Termeno

    This traditional carnival parade along the South Tyrolean Wine Road drives away the…
  8. Sacred Heart Fires
    Herz Jesu Feuer Eppan

    Sacred Heart Fires

    The tradition of the mountain fires every year in June remembers the pledge given…
  9. Witches’ Dance at the Passo delle Erbe
    Hexentanz Wuerzjoch

    Witches' Dance at the Passo delle Erbe

    Every year, the witches dance at the almost 2,000 m high Passo delle Erbe mountain…
  10. Country Wedding in Castelrotto
    RS Villnoess Geisleralm Essen Gastro Teigtaschen

    Country Wedding in Castelrotto

    Every 2nd year in January, Castelrotto remembers the traditional peasant wedding…
  11. “Kirschtamichl” straw doll
    Kirschtamichl DSC

    "Kirschtamichl" straw doll

    The traditional Kirchtagsmichl or “Kirschtamichl”, in the dialect of the Val…
  12. Krapfenbetteln - Krapfen beggars
    Ultner Krapfen

    Krapfenbetteln - Krapfen beggars

    “If the Krapfen are good, also the year will be good” - that’s how the ancient…
  13. St. Nicholas and the Krampus
    RS besonderer markt nikolaus kaltern teufelsmaske wild RD PC

    St. Nicholas and the Krampus

    The Krampus with their carved masks and goat skins impress in the annual Krampus runs.
  14. Easter customs
    Ostern eier easter eggs

    Easter customs

    Numerous and often locally different Easter customs are part of the public holidays…
  15. Perkeo’s Maschggra - Carnival in Salorno
    RS Salurn Dorf

    Perkeo's Maschggra - Carnival in Salorno

    Another interesting carnival custom with its own history can be found in the…
  16. Pfluagziachn - Plough pulling in Stelvio
    Pflugziehen Stilfs v MG

    Pfluagziachn - Plough pulling in Stelvio

    The “Pfluagziachn” (plough pulling) in Stelvio is a well-known carnival custom that…
  17. Proder Maschger - Carnival in Prato allo Stelvio
    Proder Maschger Prad IDM

    Proder Maschger - Carnival in Prato allo Stelvio

    Since ancient times, the “Maschger” and the “Zussl” of Prato allo Stelvio have…
  18. Scheibenschlagen - Disk flinging
    RS Feuer

    Scheibenschlagen - Disk flinging

    In the Val Venosta valley the “Scheibenschlagen” is still celebrated - this old…
  19. Schellenrennen - Bells run
    Robl Schellenrennen

    Schellenrennen - Bells run

    In winter, around the period of St. Nicholas, New Year and carnival, you can see…
  20. Christmas customs
    RS Christkindlmarkt Schnee Bruneck Krippe

    Christmas customs

    The Advent period and Christmas holds a variety of customs in South Tyrol,…
  21. Ladin language and culture
    traditionen ladiner tvaltabadia

    Ladin language and culture

    Ladin is a Rhaeto-Romance language, which nowadays is still spoken in the Val Badia…
  22. Andreas Hofer
    andreas hofer

    Andreas Hofer

    In the Val Passiria valley, the memorial and the museum of the Tyrolean freedom…
  23. Max Valier
    max valier

    Max Valier

    Max Valier (1895 - 1930), a pioneer of aerospace and of rocket technology, was born…
  24. Oswald von Wolkenstein
    oswald von wolkenstein

    Oswald von Wolkenstein

    Thanks to his autobiografical works, the life of Oswald von Wolkenstein (approx.…
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