Traditional Costumes in South Tyrol

Every valley and region in South Tyrol can be recognised by the different colours and decorations of its costumes

The South Tyrolean costume used to be an important status symbol in the past, that means from the 18th century onwards, because until then there was a dress regulation. Farmers were only allowed to wear clothes they had made themselves from self-manufactured fabrics, such as loden or wool. Velvet and silk were reserved for the nobles and commoners. Under Empress Maria Theresa of Austria this codex was abolished. The traditional costumes were worn on high festive days and indicated the affiliation to a village, valley or region. Correspondingly beautiful and artistic the robes were made: Linen, leather, lace and colourful ribbons decorated the costumes.

The women wear a dress with an apron, the men the traditional and indestructible leather trousers, the so-called "Lederhosen". The different aprons and stockings show the local affiliation. The hat can either be small or wide and richly decorated. Another special feature is the binding of the bow: Worn on the left, the woman is single, worn on the right, she is in a relationship or married. Men, on the other hand, proudly wear the "Fatschn", a leather belt that is often richly decorated with feather quill embroidery and very precious.

The beautiful costumes of South Tyrol are shown in the various local museums of the country. Among them in the South Tyrolean Folklore Museum in Teodone, but also other museums, like the Collepietra Local Museum or the Castelrotto Museum of Traditional Costumes, offer an interesting insight into this world. Various events are also dedicated to them, such as the Val Gardena folklore festival, called "Gröden in Tracht", or the Country Wedding in Castelrotto.

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