In the background of the mighty Presule castle, there is the impressive Sciliar mountain.

Presule, a component locality of the municipality of Fiè allo Sciliar, is above all known for the Presule Castle. This mighty castle is, together with the Sciliar massif, the symbol of the municipality, first mentioned in 1279 as “Castrum Presile”. Once upon a time Oswald von Wolkenstein owned this castle. In order to remember the famous minne-singer, every year there is a horse riding tournament in the village of Fié.

The village of Presule is located underneath the castle, at 830 m asl, and has got some 150 inhabitants. The farmsteads and buildings are allocated round the S. Nicolò church the historic farmsteads and buildings. By the way, this is a fabulous place for hiking, such as to the Voelsegg mountain peak or a round tour on the “Oachaner Höfeweg”.

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