RS Bozen Oetzi Archaeologiemuseum
RS Bozen Oetzi Archaeologiemuseum

Museums and exhibitions

Spend a day in one of South Tyrol’s renowned museums and exhibitions, and discover a world of its own.

A wide variety of fascinating and interesting museums, collections and exhibitions sites can be found all over South Tyrol, dedicated to topics such as minerals and artworks, Oetzi, the Iceman, and the cave bear Ursus ladinicus. Among them are the famous Messner Mountain Museums as well as the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. Explore and enjoy!

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  1. South Tyrol Museum of Archeology

    South Tyrol Museum of Archeology

    Oetzi, the Iceman and probably the most famous citizens of South Tyrol, can be…
  2. Archeoparc Velturno
    Archeoparc Feldthurns

    Archeoparc Velturno

    There are two interesting excavation sites in the Valle Isarco valley which finds…
  3. archeoParc Val Senales
    FG archeoparc Schnalstal

    archeoParc Val Senales

    If you’ve ever wondered how Oetzi the Iceman lived, we have the perfect place for…
  4. Archeoparc Villandro
    Archeopark Villanders DSB

    Archeoparc Villandro

    The Archeoparc Villandro is located about 12 km south-west of the Archeoparc…
  5. Archimod Urban Space
    blick auf bozen von st justina aus

    Archimod Urban Space

    coming soon
  6. ar/ge Kunst
    Ar GeKunst

    ar/ge Kunst

    coming soon
  7. Tschötscherhof Farm Life Museum
    RS kastelruth st oswald tschoetscherhof

    Tschötscherhof Farm Life Museum

    In Sant’Osvaldo, a district of Castelrotto, the Tschötscherhof farm houses a small…
  8. Foiana Farm Life Museum
    RS voellan bauernmuseum

    Foiana Farm Life Museum

    The Museum of Farm Life in Foiana in the Merano area shows evidence of the peasant…
  9. Bunker Mooseum
    RS bunker mooseum moss in passeier

    Bunker Mooseum

    The museum, which is part of the UpperPassiria Museum, is housed in a bunker in the…
  10. Dobbiaco Bunker Museum
    Bunker Museum Toblach o

    Dobbiaco Bunker Museum

    A very special experience awaits you in a bunker near Dobbiaco in the upper Val…
  11. Bressanone Diocesan Museum
    RS brixen hofburg

    Bressanone Diocesan Museum

    The Diocesan Museum, located since 1976 in the Bressanone Bishop’s Palace, called…
  12. Documentation Centre in the Victory Monument
    RS Siegesdenkmal Dauerausstellung Schild Siegesdenkmal

    Documentation Centre in the Victory Monument

    In the lower floor of the Bolzano Victory Monument, an exhibition tells the history…
  13. Culten Documentation Centre

    Culten Documentation Centre

    The new archeological museum in the Val d’Ultimo valley is dedicated to the…
  14. Bolzano Cathedral Treasury

    Bolzano Cathedral Treasury

    In the Museum for Sacred Arts in Bolzano you can learn more about the history of…
  15. Aldino Local Museum
    Dorfmuseum Aldein

    Aldino Local Museum

    The Aldino Local Museum, an exceptional museum rich in sacred treasures, is located…
  16. Gudon Local Museum
    Museum Gufidaun Bgross

    Gudon Local Museum

    The former curator house houses the Local Museum of Gudon, which tells about the…
  17. Fireman’s Helmet Museum
    Hotel Burgfrieden EL

    Fireman's Helmet Museum

    In Gais near Brunico a unique museum shows 700 fireman’s helmets from all over the…
  18. Fossil Exhibition in Meltina

    Fossil Exhibition in Meltina

    In Meltina, an exhibition takes visitors on a journey through millions of years of…
  19. Merano Women’s Museum
    RS Meran Frauenmuseum

    Merano Women's Museum

    The focus of the Women’s Museum in the spa town of Merano is set on the female way…
  20. Bellum Aquilarum open-air museum
    Freilichtmuseum Rotwand

    Bellum Aquilarum open-air museum

    “Bellum Aquilarum” is the name of the open-air museum on Mt. Croda Rossa, dedicated…
  21. Alta Pusteria Museum of Tourism
    RS niederdorf museum haus wassermann

    Alta Pusteria Museum of Tourism

    The intersting history of tourism in the upper Val Pusteria valley is illustrated…
  22. Foto Forum Gallery

    Foto Forum Gallery

    Close to the old town of Bolzano, the Foto Forum Gallery shows seven main…
  23. Gefängnis Le Carceri Gallery
    kaltern galerie gefaengnis le carceri

    Gefängnis Le Carceri Gallery

    coming soon
  24. Prisma Gallery
    st georg weggenstein kirche bozen deutschorden

    Prisma Gallery

    Close to Bolzano’s old town, the Prisma Gallery has been a central meeting place…
  25. Passo Palade Bunker

    Passo Palade Bunker

    At the Passo delle Palade one of the largest bunker of South Tyrol can be found,…
  26. Nova Ponente Territory Museum

    Nova Ponente Territory Museum

    The venerable residence Castel Thurn in Nova Ponente houses the municipality and…
  27. Redagno GEOMuseum
    RS aldein ort radein geomuseum

    Redagno GEOMuseum

    Actually there are two GEOMuseums: The second one, the Aldino GEOMuseum, is the…
  28. Greenhouse III
    schullian Ludwig Thalheimer v

    Greenhouse III

    The historical “Glass House” in South Tyrol with its changing exhibitions is…
  29. Eccel Kreuzer House Museum
    DSC Eccel Kreuzer

    Eccel Kreuzer House Museum

    coming soon
  30. Villa Freischütz House Museum
    greiter aussicht auf meran fr

    Villa Freischütz House Museum

    coming soon
  31. Laudes Local Museum
    RS laatsch bei mals heimatmuseum

    Laudes Local Museum

    The barn of the parsonage (Widum) in Laudes in the Val Venosta valley houses a…
  32. Local Museum “Hoamet Tramin Museum”

    Local Museum "Hoamet Tramin Museum"

    In the Local Museum of Termeno you can experience the famous Gewurztraminer and the…
  33. Beekeeping Museum at the Plattner Farm

    Beekeeping Museum at the Plattner Farm

    In Costalovara on the Renon High Plateau, in a 600 year old farm, there is a museum…
  34. Merano Jewish Museum
    RS juedisches museum meran museo ebraico merano

    Merano Jewish Museum

    One of the European Holocaust memorials is located in the spa town of Merano, more…
  35. Royal and Imperial Museum Bad Egart
    Museum Bad Egart

    Royal and Imperial Museum Bad Egart

    The Royal and Imperial Museum near Parcines is a real paradise for enthusiasts of…
  36. “Kastelruther Spatzen” folk music museum
    kastelruth spatzen laden

    "Kastelruther Spatzen" folk music museum

    coming soon
  37. Bolzano Cinema Museum

    Bolzano Cinema Museum

    South Tyrol is not only a popular film location for numerous productions, but also…
  38. Small Museum in Lana
    RS blick von graf volkmar weg auf lana

    Small Museum in Lana

    The private collection of Alexander Schwabl in the Small Museum in Lana includes…
  39. Maranatha Nativity Scene Museum
    Luttach Krippenmuseum Maranatha

    Maranatha Nativity Scene Museum

    The Maranatha Museum tells the history of wood carving and nativity scenes in the…
  40. Muri-Gries Nativity Scene Museum
    RS krippe Krippenmuseum Gries Bozen

    Muri-Gries Nativity Scene Museum

    The Muri-Gries Monastery in Bolzano hosts one of three comprehensive collection of…
  41. Nativity Scene Museum Original Heide
    RS pontives bei lajen groednertal kreisverkehr

    Nativity Scene Museum Original Heide

    coming soon
  42. Stabinger Nativity Scene Collection
    Weihnachtskrippe Stabinger

    Stabinger Nativity Scene Collection

    The village of Sesto is home to one of the country’s three exhibitions of valuable…
  43. Kunst Meran - Merano Arte
    meran obermais Kunst Meran

    Kunst Meran - Merano Arte

    Kunst Meran - Merano Arte (Merano Arts) is an atelier in the centre of Merano that…
  44. Kunstforum Bassa Atesina
    RS Lauben Neumarkt

    Kunstforum Bassa Atesina

    coming soon
  45. LUMEN - Museum of Mountain Photography

    LUMEN - Museum of Mountain Photography

    Since December 2018, there has been a unique museum dedicated entirely to mountain…
  46. Bolzano Mercantile Museum
    RS bozen silbergasse merkantilmuseum

    Bolzano Mercantile Museum

    This museum is hosted by the Mercantile Building, the former Commercial Court of…
  47. Kirchler Mineral Museum
    RS St Johann Mineralienmuseum

    Kirchler Mineral Museum

    The museum in San Giovanni in the Valle Aurina valley houses one of the most…
  48. Tiso Mineral Museum
    RS teis mineralienmuseum

    Tiso Mineral Museum

    The museum in the Val di Funes valley shows you the collection of the mineral…
  49. MMM Corones
    Hauptbild MMM Corones

    MMM Corones

    The museum on top of Mt. Plan de Corones “Traditional alpinism” is the latest of…
  50. MMM Firmian
    RS MMM Firmian Schloss Sigmundskron Panorama Garten Aussicht

    MMM Firmian

    At Firmiano Castle near Bolzano there’s the MMM Firmian and at the same time the…
  51. MMM Juval
    RS Schloss Juval P

    MMM Juval

    Juval Castle high above the entrance to the Val Venosta and Val Senales valleys…
  52. MMM Ortles
    RS koenigspitze hintergrund cebru hintergrund ortler

    MMM Ortles

    The Messner Mountain Museum in Solda in the Val Venosta valley tells about the…
  53. MMM Ripa
    RS MMM Ripa Schloss Bruneck

    MMM Ripa

    At Brunico Castle in the Val Pusteria valley, the Messner Mountain Museum Ripa…
  54. Museion Bolzano
    Museion Bozen Museum

    Museion Bolzano

    The Museion, Bolzano’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, is housed in a…
  55. Al Plan Dolomites Museum

    Al Plan Dolomites Museum

    coming soon
  56. Collegiate Museum San Candido
    RS Pustertal Innichen

    Collegiate Museum San Candido

    In front of the majestic Dolomites, there is the Romanesque Collegiate Church of…
  57. DoloMythos Museum

    DoloMythos Museum

    The Dolomite Museum in the centre of San Candido transfers interesting information…
  58. Museum of Popular Culture
    RS neumarkt lauben museum fuer alltagskultur

    Museum of Popular Culture

    The interesting Museum of Popular Culture is housed in a historic house under the…
  59. Museum of the Ortles Region
    RS Sulden Kirche

    Museum of the Ortles Region

    In the ground floor of the elementary school in Solda you can learn more about the…
  60. Gherdeina Local Heritage Museum
    RS Groeden St Ulrich Museum

    Gherdeina Local Heritage Museum

    A museum in Ortisei offers an interesting journey across the history of the highly…
  61. Museum at the Rohrerhaus

    Museum at the Rohrerhaus

    The Rohrerhaus, an ancient farmstead with black kitchen and bread oven, was…
  62. White Tower Museum
    RS brixen weisser turm st michaels kirche

    White Tower Museum

    The St. Michael Parish Church in Bressanone houses a small but fine museum in its…
  63. Prince-Bishop Johannes Zwerger Museum
    Museum Zwerger

    Prince-Bishop Johannes Zwerger Museum

    coming soon
  64. Museum Ladin Ćiastel de Tor
    RS Alta Badia San Martino in Badia museum ladin

    Museum Ladin Ćiastel de Tor

    This folklore museum in the heart of the Dolomites is dedicated to the history of…
  65. Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus
    RS ursus ladinicus pic museum ladin san cassiano st kassian

    Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus

    This museum in San Cassiano in the Alta Badia, a branch of the Museum Ladin Ćiastel…
  66. Museum “The Magic of Water”
    RS lappach wasser museum

    Museum "The Magic of Water"

    In the Valle Aurina valley a water museum tells about the power and secrets of this…
  67. Museum Mansio Sebatum
    RS st lorenzen dorf winter

    Museum Mansio Sebatum

    This archaeological museum in the Val Pusteria valley is the only one in South…
  68. Pons Drusi Museum
    MG Pano

    Pons Drusi Museum

    Archaeological finds from the Roman period can be admired in a small museum in Bolzano.
  69. Collepietra Local Museum
    Museum Steinegg Eingangshalle

    Collepietra Local Museum

    In Collepietra in the Val d’Ega valley, one of South Tyrol’s most beautiful museums…
  70. Upper Val Venosta Valley Museum
    P Museum Vinschger Oberland

    Upper Val Venosta Valley Museum

    In Curon Venosta the Local Museum tells about the flooding of the area by the…
  71. Museum “People through Time”
    Ansitz am Orth Fassade

    Museum "People through Time"

    An old residence in the centre of Cortaccia houses a museum, which offers a journey…
  72. MuseumPasseier - Andreas Hofer
    Museum Passeier

    MuseumPasseier - Andreas Hofer

    The MuseumPasseier can be visited in the Sandhof farm in San Leonardo in Passiria,…
  73. South Tyrol Museum of Nature
    RS bozen naturmuseum

    South Tyrol Museum of Nature

    The Nature Museum in the Via Bottai alley in Bolzano offers interesting exhibitions…
  74. Paul Flora - Glorenza Church Tower
    Paul Flora

    Paul Flora - Glorenza Church Tower

    In a tower of the Glorenza town wall, 60 works and photos from the life of the…
  75. Parish and Archaeological Museum
    RS voels dorfansicht Pfarrkirche

    Parish and Archaeological Museum

    The Romanesque St. Michael Chapel in Fiè allo Sciliar, in the Alpe di Siusi area,…
  76. St. Michael Parish Museum
    RS st blasius kirche taufers im muenstertal

    St. Michael Parish Museum

    The Parish Museum in Tubre in the Val Monastero valley is housed in the St. Michael…
  77. Tures Parish Museum
    Pfarrmuseum Taufers

    Tures Parish Museum

    In an old granary next to the Campo Tures Parish Church, the Parish Museum with its…
  78. Bressanone Pharmacy Museum
    Pharmazie Museum Brixen

    Bressanone Pharmacy Museum

    In the historic centre of Bressanone, the upper floor of a pharmacy has been…
  79. Plessi Museum at the Brennero Pass
    Plessi Museum esterni

    Plessi Museum at the Brennero Pass

    The first museum along the Italian motorway shows works by the contemporary Italian…
  80. Proculus Museum
    RS naturns prokulus museum

    Proculus Museum

    Only a stone’s throw from the world-famous St. Proculus Church there is the…
  81. Caldaro Vine Museum
    RS Kerner Session three

    Caldaro Vine Museum

    The Lieselehof winery in Caldaro offers not only organic wines, but also guided…
  82. Rudolf Stolz Museum
    RS rudolf stolz museum sexten

    Rudolf Stolz Museum

    This museum in Sesto in the upper Val Pusteria valley is dedicated to the South…
  83. Typewriter Museum

    Typewriter Museum

    This special museum at Parcines in Merano and surroundings is dedicated to Peter…
  84. Bolzano School Museum
    RS lamplhaus rentsch bozen schulmuseum

    Bolzano School Museum

    In the district of Rencio the smallest museum of Bolzano is located: the School…
  85. Tagusa School Museum
    RS tagusens kirche schulmuseum

    Tagusa School Museum

    Tagusa, a hamlet in the area of the beautiful Siusi Alp, shows in the old local…
  86. Bolzano Civic Gallery
    RS bozen stadtgalerie galeria civica

    Bolzano Civic Gallery

    In South Tyrol’s towns publicly accessible art galleries can be found, which…
  87. Bolzano Municipal Museum
    RS bozen stadtmuseum

    Bolzano Municipal Museum

    The oldest museum of South Tyrol, located in its capital, exhibits precious…
  88. Brunico Municipal Museum
    RS bruneck schild stadtmuseum

    Brunico Municipal Museum

    In the Val Pusteria valley there’s the interesting Brunico Municipal Museum, which…
  89. Chiusa Municipal Museum
    Stadtmuseum Klausen

    Chiusa Municipal Museum

    The Chiusa Municipal Museum in the former Capuchin Monastery is dedicated to the…
  90. Merano Municipal Museum
    Stadtmuseum Meran

    Merano Municipal Museum

    The Merano Municipal Museum, or Palais Mamming Museum, is one of the oldest museums…
  91. Vipiteno Municipal Museum and Multscher Museum
    RS sterzing deutschhaus

    Vipiteno Municipal Museum and Multscher Museum

    In the former Hospice of the Teutonic Order in Vipiteno, two interesting museums…
  92. Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation

    Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation

    coming soon
  93. South Tyrolean Castles Museum
    RS Trostburg Lajen Ried Winter

    South Tyrolean Castles Museum

    Castel Trostburg high above Ponte Gardena in the Valle Isarco valley houses the…
  94. South Tyrol Museum of Mining
    RS schau bergwerk prettau wegweiser

    South Tyrol Museum of Mining

    The four locations of the South Tyrol Museum of Mining are located between the…
  95. South Tyrolean Museum of Hunting and Fishing
    RS ratschings marteit schloss wolfsthurn

    South Tyrolean Museum of Hunting and Fishing

    This museum at Castel Wolfsthurn in the upper Valle Isarco valley is accessible…
  96. South Tyrol Museum of Tourism - Touriseum
    RS Touriseum Schloss Trauttmansdorff Eingang

    South Tyrol Museum of Tourism - Touriseum

    The Touriseum at Castel Trauttmansdorff near Merano tells the story of tourism in Tyrol.
  97. South Tyrolean Folklore Museum
    volkskundemuseum dietenheim

    South Tyrolean Folklore Museum

    The Folklore Museum in Teodone near Brunico shows more than twenty South Tyrolean…
  98. South Tyrolean Museum of Culture and Provincial History
    DSC Schloss Tirol Museum Schloss Fahne

    South Tyrolean Museum of Culture and Provincial History

    One of the 11 Provincial Museums of South Tyrol can be found at Castel Tyrol in…
  99. South Tyrolean Fruit Growing Museum
    RS lana suedtiroler obstbaumuseum niederlana

    South Tyrolean Fruit Growing Museum

    The museum, also referred to as Apple Museum, is located in the Larchgut Residence…
  100. South Tyrolean Wine Museum
    Eingang Suedtiroler Weinmuseum

    South Tyrolean Wine Museum

    In Caldaro, along the famous South Tyrolean Wine Road, you can visit one of the…
  101. Tecneum - Museum of Technology
    RS wasserkraftwerk toell

    Tecneum - Museum of Technology

    The Tecneum’s “Technology Mile” gives access to cable cars, hydroelectric plants…
  102. Timmel Transit - Passo del Rombo Experience
    RS timmelsjoch museum punkt schmuggler

    Timmel Transit - Passo del Rombo Experience

    On the 50th anniversary of the Passo del Rombo High Alpine Road, the…
  103. Castelrotto Museum of Traditional Costumes
    RS kastelruth dorfplatz

    Castelrotto Museum of Traditional Costumes

    The traditional costume is still worn in South Tyrol on important holidays and…
  104. Ultimo Valley Museum
    st nikolaus ulten

    Ultimo Valley Museum

    A folklore museum in San Nicolò in the rear Val d’UItimo valley illustrates the…
  105. Venosta Valley Museum - VUSEUM
    RS schluderns vinschger oder vintschger museum

    Venosta Valley Museum - VUSEUM

    A permanent exhibition by the Venosta Valley Museum in Sluderno is focusing on the…
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