Ćiastel de Tor

The antique castle Ćiastel de Tor of San Martino in Badia is venue for the Ladin Museum.

Since 2001 Ćiastel de Tor in San Martino in Badia is venue for the Ladin Museum. The exhibited items and documents provide an insight into the history, culture, legends and handicraft of the Ladin Dolomite valley. Moreover several events such as exhibitions and concerts take place in the inner courtyard.

In 1230 a three-storey residential tower has been built by the attendants of the bishops of Bressanone. It has first been documented under the name “Turris in Geder” in 1290. In this context the Lords of Rodank-Schöneck were feuds of the building until 1331. In the years to follow the residential tower was amplified by a crenelated circular wall and a great hall. Also the tower was modified and two storeys were added and converted into a granary. Also in 1500 there were renovations. The Roman great hall was enlarged and two round towers were added to the circular wall.

When the bishops lost reign of the Court of Thurn and the castle represented the centre of this complex, farmers purchased the castle. Until the castle has been rearranged it has been inhabited by their descendants. Now Ćiastel de Tor is venue for the Ladin Museum.

Museum Ladin Ćiastel de Tor - opening hours and admission

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