Val Venosta

The Val Venosta stretches from Naturno near Merano to the Passo Resia, from apple orchards to glaciers, on a length of about 80 km.

In the west of South Tyrol, the Val Venosta valley stretches from Naturno near Merano to the Passo Resia, where the Adige river rises. Hardly could a holiday destination be more varied than the Val Venosta. Apple orchards and apricot trees on the one side rough mountain peaks and glaciers on the other side, the most famous of which is of course King Ortles (3,905 m).

On discovery journey in the Stelvio national park, a walk along the centuries-old Waalweg trails along ancient irrigation canals, a coffee in one of the historic villages of the valley or a visit to the Monte Maria monastery, the choice is yours. Snow-sure skiing areas in quiet alpine valleys, far away from hustle and bustle, complete the offer in the winter season.

  1. Castelbello Ciardes

    Castelbello Ciardes

    Castelbello-Ciardes is located in the lower Val Venosta and stretches from fruit…
  2. Glorenza


    Glorenza, the smallest city of the southern Alps, is rich in historic jewels and…
  3. Curon Venosta

    Curon Venosta

    Curon in the tri-border region Italy-Austria-Switzerland comprises the Lago di…
  4. Lasa


    The “white gold”, a high-quality marble, brought Lasa international fame and is…
  5. Laces


    Laces in Val Venosta is the gate to the Val Martello and the Stelvio national park.
  6. Malles


    Malles is the second largest municipality of South Tyrol and comprises the villages…
  7. Martello


    The Val Martello stretches from Laces at 800 m asl up to the 3,760 m high summits…
  8. Prato allo Stelvio

    Prato allo Stelvio

    The municipality of Prato allo Stelvio is located at the entrance to the reign of…
  9. Silandro


    Urban atmosphere, rural landscapes and unspoilt nature in the heart of the Val Venosta.
  10. Sluderno


    Castel Coira, the symbol of Sluderno, watches over the village from above. Also the…
  11. Stelvio


    With the villages of Stelvio, Solda, Trafoi and Gomagoi, the municipality comprises…
  12. Tubre in Val Monastero

    Tubre in Val Monastero

    The westernmost municipality of the province of Bolzano, Tubre in Val Monastero, is…

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