Sesvenna Alps

The Via Alpina long-distance path proceeds through the Sesvenna Alps, a subgroup of the Central Alps.

The Sesvenna mountain group stretches from South Tyrol until Grisons in Switzerland - and there it is largely embedded in the Swiss National Park - and til North Tyrol in Austria. About two-thirds of the mountains are located on Swiss territory, therefore they are also sometimes called Val Müstair Alps.

In South Tyrol only one refuge can be found in these mountains, the Sesvenna mountain hut at 2,256 m asl, only managed in summer. It is accessible from Slingia near Malles in the Val Venosta. The Slingia mountain pass is the most important transition through the mountains of the Sesvenna Alps and leads hikers until the legendary Uina gorge in the Engadine. Also the Via Alpina proceeds through the Sesvenna Alps with one stage in the Lower Engadine and another stage towards Tubre in the Val Monastero.

The Piz Sesvenna (3,204 m asl) is the highest summit of the Sesvenna Alps. It is located in the Engadine, just west of the Italian-Swiss border. Also well-known is the Piz Lad, where the boundary stone of the border triangle Switzerland-Italy-Austria is situated. The hike starts in Resia in the Val Venosta. An important mountain on South Tyrolean territory is the Cima Undici close by Lake Resia.

Highest peak: Piz Sesvenna (3,204 m asl)
Major mountains: Piz Pisoc, Piz Tavrü, Piz Plavna Dadaint, Muntpitschen, Foratrida
Area: South Tyrol, North Tyrol (Austria), Grisons (Switzerland)

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