Stubai Alps

The mountain chain of the Stubai Alps stretches southwest of Innsbruck and covers the area between the Alta Valle Isarco in South Tyrol and the Oetztal valley in North Tyrol.

In the Eastern Alps, both the Stubai and Oetztal Alps represent the largest mass elevation. It is an area that is covered by glaciers. The highest mountains are the Schrankogel (3,497 m asl), Wilder Pfaff (3,458 m asl), Wilde Leck (3,361 m asl) and the Cima Libera (3,418 m asl).

This mountain chain is surrounded by the Tux Alps, Zillertal Alps, Oetztal Alps and the Sarentino Alps as well as the Mieming Range and the Karwendel Mountains. The Stubai Alps are made up of gneiss and limestone. The highest peak of the Stubai Alps is the Zuckerhütl, which is characterised by its elegant form.

One of the most important skiing areas in this region is the Stubai Glacier. A very popular destination for hikes, however, is the Gino Biasi mountain hut (3,195 m asl) on South Tyrolean territory. For all those who love high alpine tours as well as ski mountaineering in winter, the Stubai Alps are a real paradise.

Highest peak: Zuckerhütl (3,507 m asl), first ascent in 1863 by Joseph Anton Specht and Alois Tanzer
Major mountains: Schrankogel, Wilder Pfaff, Cima Libera, Wilde Leck, Stubaier Wildspitze, Habicht, Tribulaun di Fleres, Gamskogel, Serles
Area: North Tyrol (Austria) and South Tyrol (Italy)

  1. Cima di Malavalle

    Cima di Malavalle

    At the border between South and North Tyrol, thus between Italy and Austria, the…
  2. Tribulaun


    This mountain exists in triple version: the Fleres Tribulaun, the Gschnitz…
  3. Cima Libera

    Cima Libera

    The 3,418 m high Cima Libera is situated at the border of Austria and Italy and is…

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