Lana di Mezzo

Lana di Mezzo is located between Lana di Sopra and Lana di Sotto, its parish church is dedicated to S. Croce.

The eye-catcher of Lana di Mezzo is undoubtedly the S. Corce parish church of Lana. This sacred building was constructed in 1940 in the style of an ancient Christian basilica. In the interior it boasts a crucifixion group, a massive marble pulpit and a copy of the famous portrait of Mary painted by Lukas Cranach. By the way: with a weight of 6,248 km, the parish church of Lana is the largest and heaviest bell of South Tyrol.

A further sight of Lana di Mezzo is the ancient electro loco of the Lana-Postal railway taken into operation in 1913, which is located at Piazza Tribus. This train was also called “apple express”, as it was mainly used to transport local fruits. It was constructed by the ropeway pioneer Luis Zuegg.

To those who prefer staying under the open sky we recommend a walk on the Brandis (Waalweg) trail or a cycling tour across the apple orchards in full blossom.

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