On the sunny slope of Monte San Vigilio, there is the little mountain village of Pavicolo, which also belongs to the municipality of Lana.

On a sun-drenched slope of Monte San Vigilio, above Lana, there is the little mountain village of Pavicolo, situated at 1,110 m asl. Particularly famous are the farms of Pavicolo, which provides an idyllic atmosphere to the village. A modern railway takes from Lana di Sopra to the Vigilius Mountain Resort (1,486 m), situated above Pavicolo. From this place you enjoy a charming view on the Val d’Ultimo, the Val d’Adige and to the rough peaks of the Dolomites.

The hiking area at Monte San Vigilio offers a wide range of trails, making you experience the natural landscape at close quarters. The Alpe di Naturno, the Guardia Alta (2,607 m), the Schwarze Lacke or the S. Vigilio chapel are only some of the places you can walk to. In winter months, you can enjoy skiing in the little skiing area at the Monte San Vigilio, part of the Ortles ski arena.

Pavicolo is also a popular meeting point for paragliders and hang-gliders. The Monte San Vigilio is a great flying area, for landing most often the hippodrome of Maia Bassa is used.

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