Gioveretto Group

The mountain crest, which separates the Val d’Ultimo from the Val Venosta, is called Gioveretto Group and belongs to the Ortles Alps.

On the north side of the Ultimo valley the divide between the Val d’Ultimo and the Val Venosta is located, the Gioveretto mountain crest (Zufrittkamm, in German). It stretches from Mt San Vigilio near Lana until the foothills of the Ortles massif and the eponymous Cima Gioveretto (3,439 m asl) in the Val Martello. In this area, also the Lake Gioveretto, a reservoir, is located.

Besides the numerous mountain huts, there are other popular destinations in this mountain group in the Val d’Ultimo, e.g. the summits of the Orecchia di Lepre (3,257 m asl), Gran Ladro (2,730 m asl) and Il Sasso (2,530 m asl). The Canziani mountain hut at the Green Lake (2,560 m asl) is the only mountain hut with overnight accommodation in this area. It is accessible within 2 hours from Fontana Bianca in the rear Val d’Ultimo.

Another hiking possibility is the Guardia Alta mountain (2,608 m asl) in the area of Merano, the path is rocky but not very difficult. Further important mountains are the 3,330 m high Cima Marmotta, the Cima Venezia with its three summits and the Cima Rossa di Saènt (3,347 m asl).

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