Maddalene Mountain Chain

The 3,443 m high Cima Sternai is the highest mountain of the Maddalene Mountain Chain, a subgroup of the Ortles Alps.

The Maddalene Mountain Chain (Ilmenkamm, in German) stretches from the Val d’Ultimo in South Tyrol until the Val di Non in the Trentino. The 2,656 m high name giving Cima Olmi (Ilmenspitze, in German) is accessible from both valleys. The hike from the Val d’Ultimo starts in San Nicolò and proceeds through the Val di Lavace up to the summit (about 4 hours).

The Maddalene Mountain Chain branches from the Gioveretto Group, which separates the Val d’Ultimo and the Val Venosta. Some side ridges stretch until the Val di Sole and Val di Non valleys in the Trentino. The highest summit is the Cima Sternai (3,443 m asl) in the rear Val d’Ultimo, which is located in the Stelvio National Park and marks the border between South Tyrol and Trentino. This famous peak is accessible from the Umberto Canziani mountain hut and in winter quite popular among ski tourers.

After the Cima Sternai, the ridge slowly descends, other mountains follow, like the Vedetta Alta (2,627 m asl), the Belmonte (2,459 m asl), the Cornicolo (2,418 m asl) and the Cornicoletto (2,311 m asl). Finally the Maddalene Mountain Chain descends towards the Passo Castrin, which connects the Val d’Ultimo with the Val di Non. Today this mountain pass is accessible through a modern tunnel.

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