Cevedale Group

The Cevedale Group is named after the third highest summit in the Ortles Alps, the Monte Cevedale.

Ortles, Gran Zebrù and Monte Cevedale - the big three of the Ortles Alps. The 3,769 m high Monte Cevedale is embedded in the Stelvio National Park and represents a preserved area. On its top proceeds the border between the Lombardic province of Sondrio and the Trentino. Along this mountain crest also further gigantic mountains rise.

Next to the Monte Cevedale, the two Zufallspitzen peaks (stress on the second syllable) are located: the Cevedale II (3,757 m asl) which marks the border triangle Sondrio - Trentino - South Tyrol, and the slightly lower peak (3,700 m asl). Furthermore the Monte Pasquale (3,553 m asl) and the Palòn de la Mare (3,703 m asl) belong to this mountain group.

The area is also popular among ski tourers. An overnight stay could be planned at the Gianni Casati mountain hut (3,269 m asl) which is accessible from the Solda skiing Area in the Val Venosta. The Monte Cevedale can also be reached from the Martello (2,580 m asl) or from the Branca (2,487 m asl) mountain huts. Partly remains of World War I are visible, because here the Italian-Austrian front line proceeded.

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