The elongated village of Transacqua, a scattered settlement at the northern valley entrance, is made up of ancient farms and groups of buildlings.

If you proceed from the Val Venosta into the Val Martello, you first pass the village of Morter and the farms of Niederwies, Burgone, Bagni Salt (mineral springs), which together with the groups of buildings further in the south, form the village of Transacqua, located along the Plima river in the lowland (900 - 1,200 m asl).

Transacqua is a typical scattered settlement that is made up of groups of buildings that are spread along the elongated valley and are constantly interrupted by meadows and fields.

By the way: Transacqua is also the site of the leisure centre Trattla, comprising several sports facilities such as the climbing gym of Martello with 300 sq m climbing surface. Also the visitors’ centre of the Stelvio national park, Culturamartell, presenting the natural and cultural scenery of this area, can be visited in Transacqua.

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  1. Hotel Burgaunerhof

    Hotel Burgaunerhof

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