Lasa Mountains

The Lasa Mountains with their more than 3,000 m high giants surround the same-named side valley in the Val Venosta.

The Lasa valley in the Val Venosta is surrounded by the Lasa Mountains, a subgroup of the Ortles Alps. The entire valley is integrated in the Stelvio National Park and therefore a protected area. The uninhabited valley is also well-known for another feature: the marble from Lasa.

Among the high peaks there are the Cima Vertana (3,545 m asl), the highest summit of the Lasa Mountains, the Angelo Grande (3,461 m asl), the Punta dello Scudo (3,461 m asl), a popular panorama mountain with fantastic view, and the Punta di Lasa (3,305 m asl). The hiking tour to this latter peak starts in the Val Martello (approx. 4 hours walking time from the Stallwies mountain inn).

Another popular excursion destination in this area is the Lasa di Sopra mountain hut, which is open on weekends in summer. It is located at 2,047 m asl beneath the Lasa Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in the Ortles Alps. Starting in Lasa, the hut can be reached within approx. 4 hours on foot. An alternative would be, to park your car at the mountain station of the Lasa light railway and hike from there to the mountain hut (about 2 hours). The Grugno di Porco (2,727 m asl) and the Taitscheroi (3,139 m asl) are accessible from the Lasa di Sopra mountain hut.

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