Santa Valburga

Only a stone’s throw from Lake Zoccolo, there is S. Valburga, surrounded by fields and forests.

The idyllic village of S. Valburga is located at 1,190 m asl. Actually it originated in another place, that is to say on a hill above the present-day village. For this reason the church of the village is located slightly away from the centre. S. Valburga is a typical scattered village, as it kept growing and stretched into the valley.

At the end of the village, the artificial lake Zoccolo starts, which was established in the 1950s and stretches to Pracupola. Several farmsteads drowned into the water masses in those days. At the end of the lake, there is a renovated tavern, at which pilgrims of the Val Venosta used to pass when they travelled to Rome. Close to this place, the jogging competition “Ultner Höfelauf”, taking place since 2004, starts.

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