Lake Zoccolo

Between the villages of Santa Valburga and Pracupola in the Val d’Ultimo, a popular excursion destination in summer is located.

The largest of the six reservoirs in the Val d’Ultimo is Lake Zoccolo. It is about 3 km long and stretches from Santa Valburga until the paragliding landing place at the other end of the lake near Pracupola. At this spot, every year in autumn the famous Pracupola Market and the traditional sheep market take place.

The hydro of the Lake Zoccolo was built between 1957 and 1963, two of the most beautiful farmhouses in the area fell victim to the floods back then. Today the reservoir is popular for swimming on hot summer days although its water stays quite cool. At the impressive 516.35 m long dam wall, numerous hiking paths start, like the Ultimo Valley Trail (Ultner Talweg), the historic Karrenweg Trail or the hike to the Holzschlag refuge (no rest point) and the managed Spitzner alpine pasture (1,833 m asl).

The path along the lake proceeds along a forest road from the dam wall until Pracupola (about 1 hour). Here also the Kneipp Oasis Path can be found, a course with a pond, Kneipp basin and oases for relaxation. In winter a beautiful panoramic cross country ski track starts at the lake which proceeds until Santa Geltrude in the back Val d’Ultimo.

Altitude: 1,141 m asl
Surface: 143 hectares
Depth: max. 63 m
Category: reservoir

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