Lake Costalovara

Lake Costalovara is one of the cleanest freshwater lakes in Italy and can be found on the Renon high plateau.

Lake Costalovara is situated on the Renon high plateau and can be reached following the street which leads you to the southern localities of the Renon, which are Soprabolzano and Costalovara, approx. 17 km away from Bolzano. The lake is surrounded by dense forests.

This lake has emerged in a natural way about two centuries ago, but has been artificially expanded. With its water the sawmills and mills of the surroundings were operated. Lake Costalovara is fed by precipitations and as a consequence its water level is low in periods with low precipitations. Due to this reason, a few years ago there has been built a canal which conducts water from the Auna river into the lake.

However, Lake Costalovara is a popular bathing lake, as its average temperature in high summer is about 22 to 24 degrees C. By the way, according to the Italian environmentalist association Legambiente, this lake is, together with the famous Lake Braies in Val Pusteria, among the 10 cleanest freshwater lakes in Italy. In winter its surface is frozen and it offers perfect conditions for ice skating.

Altitude: 1,176 m asl
Surface: 3.3 hectares
Depth: max. 4 m
Category: bathing lake

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