Lake Valdurna

In a side valley of the Val Sarentino, amidst the Sarentino Alps, the idyllic Lake Valdurna is located.

At the end of the Valdurna valley, a side valley of the Val Sarentino, the triangular Lake Valdurna (Durnholzer See, in German) is located. The 900 m long and 350 m wide lake drains off by the eponymous stream which finally flows into the Talvera river. The lake contains few nutrients, nevertheless plenty of water plants grow and trout live here.

The lake is not accessible by car: just before the village, there is a parking space (chargeable), from where a road proceeds to the lake (about 300 m). Lake Valdurna is too cold to swim but a very nice walking path leads around it (1.5 hours), also with rest point. The walk is accompanied by the unique alpine panorama of the Sarentino Alps with the 2,741 high Cima di San Giacomo.

Lake Valdurna is also starting point for numerous hiking tours into the impressive alpine world of the Sarentino Alps. Destinations are the San Cassiano saddle (3 hours), the Santa Croce di Lazfons mountain hut at 2,302 m asl (3.5 hours), the Forcella Vallaga hut (3.5 hours) and the Seebalm alpine pasture (1.25 hours). At lower altitudes it is possible to walk until San Martino in Sarentino (1,492 m asl, 2.5 hours) or Pennes (1,458 m asl, 3.75 hours). In winter, the lake turns into a wonderful natural skating ground.

Altitude: 1,545 m asl
Surface: 12.4 hectares
Depth: max. 12.8 m
Category: mountain lake

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