pfeifer huisele
pfeifer huisele

Legend: The so-called “Pfeifer-Huisele”

The legend of the Pfeifer-Huisele is known far beyond the Wipptal valley: He was up to mischief all over the country

High above the Upper Valle Isarco valley there once lived a little man known as Pfeifer-Huisele. Up there, life was hard and the ground barren, but the Pfeifer-Huisele had made a pact with the devil and lived quite well at the expenses of his fellows. The farmers also held him responsible for the water that often came from the Rafeinwand cliff between Lana di Sopra and Cermes, and destroyed entire estates. He is said to have brought the water up with cats, which then led to storms and came back down the Rafeinwand in torrents. But one day his luck was to change: The sorcerer was terribly thirsty, turned into a fly, and flew into the milk room of the next farmhouse.

However, he accidentally fell into the milk bowl and the farmer's wife, who was fetching the milk at that very moment, hurled this annoying fly on the ground. There he was able to escape… The Pfeifer-Huisele also often stayed in Pennes in the Sarentino Valley. There, however, he had to fetch the water for his storms from Lake Valdurna at the very end of the valley. It was an arduous journey that he made with his two black cats. One day, however, he wanted to leave all the hardships behind him and shouted at the highest point "Wasserle, rinn! Feuerle, brinn!" (Water flow, fire burn!) to destroy the whole Sarentino Valley all at once.

But now the Pfeifer-Huisele had done enough evil deeds. The devil came, took him away, and left a deep trench at the spot high above Racines where the little man had lived and had taken his last breath. Today there is still a hut, a themed path and a gorge with his name...

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