Lake Anterselva

Lake Anterselva, South Tyrol’s third largest lake, is situated in Valle Anterselva, which diverts from the Val Pusteria.

Lake Anterselva belongs to the municipality Rasun-Anterselva and is surrounded by the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park, perfect for extended hikes. Also mountain bike tours, e.g. the “Klammlrunde”, are popular. Those who prefer pleasant walks will enjoy the path round the lake, which in 2003 has been transformed into a nature trail. Along this trail you might get to know several curiosities about the lake as well as nature in general. Information panels affirm that in this area there are also flesh-eating plants.

Also the myth of the origin of Lake Anterselva is told: once upon a time there were three prosperous farms in this area. When one day a beggar came to ask for charity and the farmers refused, the beggar foretold that there would come up three fountains, destroying the farms. The farmers laughed at him, but some days later this prediction came true. And this was the rise of Lake Anterselva.

Not far from the lakeshore, there is also the Anterselva Biathlon Centre, venue for World Championships and numerous international competitions, as well as a cross-country ski centre. When the lake is frozen in the cold months you can enjoy ice skating surrounded by a fairytale-like winter landscape.

Altitude: 1,642 m asl
Surface: 44 hectares
Depth: max. 38 m
Category: mountain lake

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