Lake Fontana Bianca

In the back Val d’Ultimo, one of six reservoirs of the valley is located, the little Fontana Bianca Lake at almost 1,900 m asl.

After the village of Santa Geltrude in the back Val d’Ultimo, a 6 km long road proceeds into the Flatschbergtal valley until Lake Fontana Bianca (Weissbrunnsee, in German), where the road ends. The lake is already situated in the Stelvio National Park and therefore a popular starting point for hiking tours on the surrounding mountains and walks in the eastern part of the national park. From here also the Malga dei Pini mountain hut and the Fisher Lake are accessible, a nice family hike (about 1.5 hours). Also the mountain hike on the 2,470 m high Monte Chiodo starts here.

The feeder of the reservoir is the Valsura river which flows through the whole Val d’Ultimo and runs finally into the Adige river near Lana. The hydro of Lake Fontana Bianca was built between 1957 and 1962 by the SEL-Hydropower company, the Lower Fontana Bianca mountain hut was engulfed in the floods then. Already during the building of the dam wall, the Enzian Tavern (La Genziana) at the lake was famous. Giancarlo Godio, a cook from Piedmont and later his son-in-law, combined the best from the Val d’Ultimo cuisine and the Italian cuisine. Guests from everywhere were flown in by helicopter. Today the restaurant is closed, at the lake the mountain tavern “Zur Knödlmoidl” is located.

Together with the other reservoirs in the valley, Lake Fontana Bianca supplies 84,500 families with electricity today. The lake is also popular among fishermen, rainbow trouts, river trouts, brook trouts and brown trouts live in the water. In winter Lake Fontana Bianca and its immediate surrounding turn into a popular destination for ski tourers and snow shoe hikers.

Altitude: 1,872 m asl
Surface: 16 hectares
Depth: max. 18 m
Category: reservoir, mountain lake

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