Pracupola is a typical mountain village, with shingle-roofed farms surrounded by herb gardens.

The village of Pracupola is located at 1,153 m asl and is situated at the end of Lake Zoccolo. The village boasts the typical block construction methods of the pair farms of the valley, which are usually shingle-roofed. By the way, what is also typical for these farms are the flower-bedecked balconies and diversified herb gardens.

One of the event highlights are the gastronomic weeks of the Val d’Ultimo in autumn, a cooperation of sheperds and restaurant proprietor. The focus is set on the local lamb: at the market in Pracupola, lamb wool and home-make felt products are offered, restaurants offer lamb-based dishes. Very popular ist the so-called “winter school” of the valley, where manual skills are put across and the handling with natural materials is brought forward.

Our tip: a hike on the Via dei Masi (Ultner Höfeweg) in summer and the return of the cattle in autumn.

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