Ladin language and culture

The Ladin language is a Rhaeto-Romance language, which today is still spoken by about 30,000 native speakers.

This language, which has once been one of the most widespread throughout the alpine area, is today spoken by a language minority. In South Tyol it is still spoken in two valleys: Val Badia and Val Gardena.

Other areas where the Ladin language is in use are the Val di Fassa (province of Trentino), Livinallongo, Ampezzo (province of Belluno) as well as the Grigioni canton in Switzerland. In each area the ladin language is characterised by a local colour.

  1. History


    The history of the Ladin language dates back to the period of Roman settling of the…
  2. Val Badia

    Val Badia

    This 35 km long valley extends from San Lorenzo in Val Pusteria to the Sella massif.
  3. Val Gardena

    Val Gardena

    This 30 km long valley, called “Ghërdeina” in Ladin language, is a tributary valley…
  4. Ladin language

    Ladin language

    The Ladin language, spoken in the north of Italy, is the oldest language spoken in…
  5. Ladin Cultural Institute “Micurà de Rü”

    Ladin Cultural Institute "Micurà de Rü"

    The Ladin cultural institute is aimed at preserving and promoting the Ladin…

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