Ladin language

The Ladin language, spoken in the north of Italy, is the oldest language spoken in South Tyrol.

For a long period of time this language has been dismissed as dialect. Today, however, in South Tyrol it is approved as third official language beside Italian and German. Moreover it is taught at school in order that the language and culture are passed on to the children. Furthermore there are different publications as well as radio and television broadcasts in ladin language.

The ladin language can be differentiated into five idioms:
Maréo/Badiot (Val Badia, South Tyrol)
Gherdëina (Val Gardena, South Tyrol)
Fascian (Val di Fassa, Trentino)
Anpezan (Ampezzo, Belluno)
Fodom (Livinallongo, Belluno)

And how do you say…?
> Good morning = bon dí
> Good night = bona nuet
> How are you? = co vala?
> What do you do today? = ce fesa ncuei ?

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