Ladin Cultural Institute “Micurà de Rü”

The Ladin cultural institute is aimed at preserving and promoting the Ladin language and culture.

The Ladin language scientist Micurà de Rü, alias Nikolaus Bacher, was born on December 4, 1789, in the village of Rü at S. Cassiano (Val Badia). In 1814 he was ordained as a priest in Salzburg. Beside his work as a priest, he was particularly interested in his mother tongue and culture. With his work entitled “Versuch einer deütsch-ladinischen Sprachlehre - Erstmalige Planung einer gesamtdolomitenladinischen Schriftsprache”, he established the basics for a Ladin grammar.

In remembrance of Micurà de Rü, the Ladin cultural institute in San Martino di Badia was named after this personality. Founded in 1976, it promotes initiatives that are aimed at preserving and promoting the Ladin language and culture. For this reason it also supports cultural entities, associations and culture in general, which have the same scope.

The main seat of the “Micurà de Rü” institute is located in San Martino in Badia, outpost can be found in the Valgardena valley. Since 1993 the culture institute is directed by Dr. Leander Moroder.

Ladin Cultural Institute “Micurà de Rü”
San Martino in Badia
phone: +39 0474 523110

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