Riva Waterfalls

The Riva Waterfalls (Reinbachfälle), a natural spectacle near Campo Tures, are well-known.

In the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park in the Valli di Tures ed Aurina, the Riva stream originates, which flows through the Val di Riva and the 100 m deep Tobel Gorge. On its way, the stream cascades three times down the rocks and forms like this three waterfalls, which are quite popular. The upper and the middle waterfalls have a height of about 50 m, the lower waterfall is with 10-15 m clearly smaller. While the two lower waterfalls have a natural origin, the upper one is the result of a diversion of the stream to generate electricity. Near Campo Tures, the Riva stream finally flows into the Aurino river.

A panoramic trail proceeds past this natural monument. The waterfalls are accessible from Campo Tures (district of Winkel) in an ascent or from Tobel in a descent. Since 1985 also the Franziskusweg (St. Francis’ Path) is part of the hiking trail to the waterfalls. This reflection path starts at a gate in the forest near Winkel and ends after 2.2 km at the former castle chapel on the Kofel above Tobel.

A viewing pulpit and a view point offer a beautiful view on the Riva Waterfalls, which are particularly impressive in spring, when the snow is melting. Also in hot summer they attract visitors due to the gorgeous cool spray which can be enjoyed along the panorama path. Whereas in winter the waterfalls are an insiders’ tip, when they freeze up and appear as a sparkling ice sculpture.

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