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sonnenberg herbst bei unterkaser oberkaser hof fr

Monte Sole in the Val Venosta

Between Parcines and Malles in the Val Venosta valley there is a unique steppe vegetation with impressive fauna.

The Monte Sole mountain stretches for 50 km between Parcines and Malles in the Venosta Valley. It is the north-facing and therefore sun-exposed valley flank of the Valle dell'Adige valley, which is part of the Oetztal Alps. The flora and fauna that predominate here are used to extreme conditions: More than 500 mm of rainfall per year never occur, the exposure to sunlight is high, and the soil is therefore dry and barren. In addition, there is the unpleasant upper wind. There is severe frost here in winter and up to 70 degrees C soil temperature in summer.

The consequences are not only a unique flora and fauna, but also some very special adaptive strategies. On the Monte Sole in Val Venosta - "Vinschger Sonnenberg" in German - steppe grasses predominate, along with various herbs and Central Asian plant species that are accustomed to this desert-like environment. In former times, the mountain was a bit greener, but intensive grazing by sheep and goats as well as wood felling contributed to the erosion and eluviation of the soil.

It is even said that the logs were transported via the Adige river to Venice, where they were used for the present-day foundations of the lagoon city. Rock cherry and mountain pine, buckthorn and barberry grow on the Monte Sole, as well as rare plants such as the sickle alfalfa. Representatives of the animal world include the asp viper, green lizard, scops owl and rock partridge. To discover this special area, there are hikes along the Waalwege paths or up to higher altitudes near Silandro (where a district is also called Monte Sole/Sonnenberg) and Lasa.

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Hiking tips: San Martino - Silandro High Route, Monte Sole near Lasa, Monte Sole near Corzes, "Feuersteig" Silandro - Vezzano "Vetzaner Leiten", The Lasta of Tanas.

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