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The municipality of Tesimo with the well-known village of Prissiano, high above the Val d’Adige, offers a series of historical buildings.

The municipality of Tesimo, together with its component localities of Prissiano, Caprile, Grissiano, Narano and Plazzoles, is located high above the Val d'Adige valley. The lower mountain range of Tesimo-Prissiano was already settled in the period of the Langobards and Romans and first mentioned in documents with the name "Tesana".

Also the large number of historical buildings dates back to those centuries, when the area of Tesimo-Prissiano was settled by aristocrats. One of the famous buildings is Castel Fahlburg, originally called "Turm zu Vall", or the Castel Katzenzungen, first mentioned in 1244 under Henricus de Cazzenzunge. Of utmost importance is above all fruit-growing and breeding. A large number of farms and barns are spread all over the landscape.

In the warmer period of the year the surroundings of Tesimo invite you to make beautiful hikes. Especially in autumn, the municipality presents itself in colourful clothes. The chestnuts growing in the village are celebrated in the traditional "Toerggele" tradition as well as in events such as the "Keschtnriggl".

Our tip: In Tesimo, there is an International Felt Trail, lined by 24 animal figurines, fairy-tales and legendary creatures made of felt.

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