Postal was first mentioned in the 13th century together with the homonymous castle, name-giving for the village.

The municipality of Postal is located about 8 km in the south of Merano, at 270 m asl. The municipal area is delimited by the Monzoccolo in the east and is separated from the municipality of Lana by the Adige river. Postal owes its name to a castle, the remnants of which can still be visited today.

From Postal, a little cable-car takes visitors to Verano, located at the Monzoccolo, a hiking paradise with meadows and larch forests. This area is ideal for escaping the heat in the valley in summertime.

Those who prefer not using the cable-car can walk the “Sunnseitnweg”, leading to Verano.

Our tip: the keep-fit trail stretching along the mountain slope does not only keep you healthy, but is also ideal for spending some time outdoor.

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