Climate in summer

Hot or cool, summer in the province of Bolzano offers temperatures for every taste.

When in the valleys of the southern areas it is getting hot, many outdoor pools and lakes such as Lake Caldaro or Monticolo provide for refreshing moments. A good way for cooling down. Otherwise we recommend you to escape to higher-located areas: by taking one of the funiculars you can reach higher realms within few minutes only, making you inhale the fresh mountain air.

Higher located areas have always been kind of refuge for the inhabitants of the valleys, already centuries ago. If you want to stay longer, simply choose one of the higher located accommodations.

The southern municipalities of the valley basin, located between 200 and 500 m asl, are similar to the city of Bolzano as far as temperatures are concerned. On hot summer days, about 35 degrees in the city are not too rare.

> June: min. 16 max. 28 degrees C
> July: min. 17 max. 30,5 degrees C
> August: min. 17 max. 30 degrees C

> June: min. 8 max. 22 degrees C
> July: min. 11 max. 23 degrees C
> August: min. 10 max. 22 degrees C

Passo Resia:
> June: min. 7 max. 18 degrees C
> July: min. 9 max. 19 degrees C
> August: min. 10 max. 20 degrees C

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Gassenhof

    Hotel Gassenhof

  2. Hotel Tratterhof

    Hotel Tratterhof

  3. Hotel Torgglerhof

    Hotel Torgglerhof

  4. Panoramahotel Huberhof

    Panoramahotel Huberhof

  5. Hotel Post - Tolderhof

    Hotel Post - Tolderhof

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